Arianna Cerquiglini is an Italian MPhil student with a background in biomedical (BEng) and biomechanical and biomaterial (MSc) engineering.  Since February 2016, she has been developing a knee retrieval project at the London Implant Retrieval Centre.

The aim of her project will be the development of a study method based on retrieval analysis in order to help in management of current patients and improve outcome for future patients, identifying the surgical, implant and patient (SIP) factors that lead to failure and understanding their effect size and interaction. In particular, she currently focused on (1) oxidation in novel polyethylene components, (2) influence of design and material choice on wear of the polyethylene, (3) relationship between clinical data and results from retrieval analysis and (4) innovative metrology methods to measuring wear of retrieved polyethylene.

For her project, she is closely collaborating with Dr Michael Hirschmann and the Coxa Hospital (Finland).