Dr Harry Hothi

Dr Vicky Panagiotopoulou is a postdoctoral research associate with a background in chemical, mathematical and biomedical engineering. She is currently in charge of developing a spine retrieval project at the London Implant Retrieval Centre (LIRC). This has led to: (1) submission of the first retrieval paper for the analysis of the failure mechanism of the magnetically control growth rods; (2) submission of the first retrieval paper for corrosion in similar and dissimilar materials (Cobalt Chrome and Titanium components) and (3) collaboration with 16 consultant surgeons from 10 hospitals in UK and abroad.  She is giving two podium presentation to the annual meeting of British Scoliosis Society in October on Retrievals from Paediatric and Adult Deformities.

Her current research interests are 1) identifying and categorising types of corrosion in spine implants; 2) determining the extent and effects of galvanic corrosion in patients with spine instrumentation; 3) creating protocols for measuring material loss in spine implants; 4) determining surgical, implant and patient risk factors for implant failure in spine surgery and 5) providing guidelines for improving the care and monitoring of patients with spine implants.